CZ-82 9mm Makarov 10/12 10 Round Mag CA,CT,CO,IL,MA,MD,NY,NJ,VT Legal Magazine

If you have been wanting a CZ82 but have been unable to get one due to the fact that there are no 10rd mags on the market. Your wait is over and we now offer 10 Round Blocked CZ 82 mags!

The CZ-82 Magazine is a brand new magazine designed to be a replacement magazine for the CZ-82 or CZ-83 pistol. These magazines utilize the thicker style floor plate to provide a better grip when shooting your CZ-82. The magazine capacity is 12-rounds and every component on the magazine is from brand new production. With original CZ-82 magazines becoming very hard to acquire and expensive, our magazines are a reliable alternative.

  • CZ 82
  • 10/12
  • High Quality Aftermarket Mag (as good as the surplus mags if not better)
  • 9mm Makarov
  • 12 Round Body Blocked to 10 rounds
  • Country Spirit Made ABS Block Replaces Original Spring Base

I have personally run these mags in my CZ-82 and unlike the New production CZ mags which have been known to have many feeding issues these have run flawless for me for 4 years now and going.

Mags shipped to NY, CT, MA,VT & DC will have the base sealed shut with epoxy and a rivet to fully comply with the laws there.

** Oak Park IL is a 10 Round Limit on Magazines

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CZ 82 10/12 9x18 9mm Makarov 10 Round Blocked Mag New

  • $45.00

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